Youth Play an Important Role in Rotary

They are our future professional and community leaders that will help shape the way the world works.

Teenagers seeking opportunities for service or ways to make a difference in their communities can participate in any of Rotary’s several youth programs. These programs allow youth a chance to develop character, high ethical standards, and an understanding of the importance of peace in the world.

We encourage any young people interested in personal growth and a desire to make a difference in their community to check out some of the clubs and programs listed below.

The goal of Rotary is to encourage and adopt the idea that service is a basis for any worthy undertaking or operation. District 5110’s commitment to the Rotary ideal of “Service Above Self” is achieved through five different areas of service: Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, International Service, and Youth Service.
Rotary Youth Exchange
Youth Exchange provides thousands of young individuals the opportunity to meet people from other countries and experience their cultures. The program is open to young people ages 15-25 years old. Participants spend up to a year living with host families and attending school in a different country. The program offers many benefits to participants including first-hand knowledge about another country’s culture and educational system. Learn more about Rotary Youth Exchange here.

Camp RYLA is a six day leadership camp for high school sophomores who have a strong desire to make their school or community a better place. Up to 130 students, both boys and girls, participate each year. The cost of the camp is paid entirely by sponsoring Rotary clubs, who recruit and select the campers. The camp teaches leadership skills, and inspires young people to create and carry out projects in their communities that exemplify the Rotary value of service above self.


Interact is a self-supporting and self-governing Rotary club specifically for young people ages 12-18. The school-based club promotes leadership skills and community involvement, with at least two community service projects a year that members choose and carry out. Local Rotary clubs help sponsor and provide guidance for these projects. Through these efforts, members of Interact clubs develop new friendships and community awareness as well as thoughtfulness and helpfulness toward others.

Rotaract is a service club that provides college-aged individuals ages 18-30 a chance to address social and physical needs in their community. Rotaract clubs are sponsored by local Rotary clubs and are either community or university based. Rotaract members organize projects and activities which provide important experience and personal development opportunities. Rotaract is one of Rotary’s most significant and fastest growing youth programs. Learn more about Rotaract here.