District 3850 from the Philippines visited our district in August through our Rotary Friendship Exchange program. Much appreciation is extended to Rotary teams and captains from southern Oregon and Northern California, who served as hosts and welcomed our friends from such a distance.

“We showed our visitors what a warm, welcoming place District 5110 is and reflected what the people and work of Rotary looks like in our part of the district,” said Camille Ronzio, Friendship Exchange Coordinator.

Thank you to:

  • Rotary Club of Bandon by the Seas, Dave Buche, captain
  • Rotary Club of Cottage Grove, Chandra LaHusen, captain
  • Rotary Club of Redmond, Paul Spain, captain
  • Rotary Club of Florence, Meg Spencer, captain
  • Rotary Club of Eugene Southtowne, Susie Hanner, captain
  • Rotary Club of Bear Creek Valley, Mary Hoskins, captain

Ronzio says that Friendship Exchange teams will be going to the Philippines, Barclas, Llilo, Roxas and Borocoy March 7-22, 2020. Another team will travel to Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, and Grand Isle, April 15-29, 2020. Clubs who would like to be involved in hosting future exchanges should apply now for the Rotary Friendship Exchange program.

To apply and read more about Friendship Exchange, please click here.