BY DG Cindi O’Neil

In Rotary, February is celebrated as “World Understanding Month.”  And on February 23 we celebrate Rotary’s 116th birthday as “World Understanding and Peace Day.”

Service to others in need is an act of peace building.  Serving others is a bridge to social justice. Service creates connection, empathy, friendship and understanding among the citizens of our home towns.   Rotarians of District 5110 you are incredible peace builders and I thank you for your continued service this year, during COVID, during social unrest, and in the aftermath of devastating wildfires.

Our Clubs in District 5110 have served their communities in so many ways this past year and I am humbled and proud of our work to serve others in these challenging times.  We have provided literally thousands of food boxes for those facing food insecurity, we have gardened to supply fresh vegetables for food banks and food distribution centers, we are building tiny homes for the homeless, we are directors and development leaders for homeless shelters, we build serenity gardens for senior citizens, we promote literacy in our school districts, we fund, manufacture, and deliver protective equipment for first responders and the elderly, we gather cast off medical equipment for shipment overseas, we provide warm coats for needy children, we provide warm winter coats for victims of the wildfires, we re-tool and put fire victims back to work to regain their dignity, we purchase Christmas gifts all around the District for families in need.  Just this week we installed new beds in a homeless shelter.  We are Rotary.

And, it is not just service to those in need in our home towns.  Our recently approved Global Grants are helping mothers in Uganda and Ethiopia have healthy babies, we are providing clean water in Senegal and Uganda, we are providing food production gardens in schools of Uganda, and we are sending a medical Vocational Training Team to Malawi. We are leaders in international service. We are Rotary.

We are Rotary.  Does your community know who we are?  Some of you have been posting your service work in social media, news papers, and TV stations.  Thank you!  This is what ensures we will continue to be perceived as relevant service leaders of our communities.  This is what will help our membership grow, build member pride and create a lasting legacy of Rotary in our communities.  Check out the Rotary Brand center to find professional ways to promote all the incredible service you provide:  The Rotary Brand Center has ready made People of Action ADs, Billboards, PSA’s, Logo templates, brochure templates and more.  Let the world know about us!