by Judy Corwin

It’s in Medford, Newport, Eugene (Beltline), and Corvallis. . .Rotary District 5110 has launched a Public Image Campaign to thank First Responders and HealthCare Workers for their incredible efforts on behalf of life-saving endeavors during the Pandemic and Oregon Wildfires.

The gratitude is so prominent that Rotary District 5110 launched a Billboard campaign in four communities to acknowledge the tremendous effort by so many!  The public image campaign was made possible by Outfront Media and Leigh Deinert, along with Funk/Levis Marketing and Mindy DeForest, who made the campaign possible with their contributions, affordability, design, and passion for the project.  The companies offered reduced rates to make them affordable for a non-profit Rotary on behalf of those individuals served.

The billboards will remain on display throughout the holidays through January and possibly beyond to more than 1.22 million viewers who will drive-by these billboards.

“We are all in this together.  Thank you First Responders, Healthcare Workers, Rotarians, Outfront Media and Funk/Levis!,” said District Governor Cindi O’Neil, who supported this effort on behalf of Rotary and our service to communities in need.