What is R.L.I. and Why Should I Attend?

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a grassroots Rotary leadership development
program for Rotarians throughout the world. An informed and educated Rotarian is a
more effective Rotarian. RLI is professional development or continuing education for
any district Rotarian who would like to increase their Rotary knowledge as well as
leadership skills for volunteer organizations.

How does it Work?

Rotarians attend a 2-day weekend seminar covering a variety of Rotary and leadership topics. Seminars are generally offered around the district several times each year.

Why Should I Attend?

An effective Rotarian is a knowledgeable and informed Rotarian. Do you understand how to use The Rotary Foundation, increase membership, design a successful project, or lead volunteers? Besides it’s just more fun to know more about our great organization and be able to talk about it in an informed manner.
Let this be your first step toward a leadership role or just becoming a better Rotarian.

“Having leadership skills  does not alone assure  good Rotary leadership.  An effective Rotary leader must also have Rotary knowledge, perspective about where Rotary has been, where it is now and a vision of what Rotary can be.”


Plan on Attending!

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What is the Next Step?

Look for the next class announcement in the right-hand column of this page and register when registration is open.  For more information, contact Tim Mobley by clicking on the link to his email, also in the right column of this page.