by Cindi O’Neil

(adapted from The News Guard, press release)
Bravo to the Rotary Club of Lincoln City! Due to formidable leadership by Rotary President Cindi Fosveit, the Club turned a D5110 allocation of $12,500 in RI Disaster Relief Funds into $32,555 to help fire victims re-tool and return to work. Dubbed the “Echo Mtn Fire Relief Re-Tool” the Club focused on individuals who lost their home, have little to no insurance, and who are struggling to continue to work effectively due to their loss of tools and equipment needed for their trade. Fifty-one people benefited and received tools to return to work.

To fund this program, Rotary Club of LC received a $12,500 grant from the RI Disaster Relief Fund, and then solicited donations of $4,150 from their own club, $3,655 from the Rotary Club of Seaside, $4,000 from the OR State Chamber, $1,000 from NW Natural, $3,500 from a Lincoln County grant, and $3,750 from Mills ACE Hardware, for a total of $32,555.

“As a result, on Nov. 9, 51 wildfire survivors were given a shopping trip to purchase up to $650 of work gear at Mills ACE Hardware in Lincoln City. Commissioner Kaety Jacobson, along with Rotary volunteers, served as personal shoppers to help fellow community members fill their carts full of tools. House cleaners, construction and landscape workers, auto mechanics, fishermen, and more purchased power tools, saws, ladders, weed eaters, drills, and socket sets to replace the tools they lost in the fire.”

“Our heart goes out to our neighbors who are faced with so many challenges right now,” Cindi Fostveit, President of Lincoln City Rotary Club, said this about the Re-Tool event. “We hope that our Re-Tool grants will help ease some burdens and bring some smiles! I am proud to be a Rotarian and am thankful for our community that supports our Club and our endeavors so we can continue to support our community through ongoing programs and in times of need.”