As many of you may know, Rotarian leaders were active promoters and advisors during the establishment of the United Nations (UN) and Rotary continues to be a major partner with the UN  (  As a consequence of this early and long association between Rotary and the UN, members of the Rotary Club of Eugene (Club) believed that a Rotary-sponsored Model United Nations would be a natural fit for us.  After two-plus years of planning and hard work, the Club held the first Oregon Rotary Model United Nations (ORRMUN) this past spring at the Valley River Inn and Conference Center in Eugene.  We may have some bias, but as we reported to the Club, it was an amazing and fulfilling event.  You can watch the videos we prepared about the ORRMUN at  Those of us who had the privilege of working directly on the ORRMUN and with the student delegations will be forever grateful for the opportunity to do so.  We are also grateful to our Club and the individuals, businesses and other Rotary Clubs who donated funds to sponsor our student delegations.

We are currently recruiting and fund-raising for ORRMUN 2020, which will be held on April 18 and 19, 2020 at the Graduate Eugene Hotel and Conference Center in Eugene.   We are respectfully asking you to consider the information provided here and then choose to take advantage of this exciting opportunity for students and Rotarians alike by supporting the ORRMUN.  There are many options for your support listed below – why not try ALL of them?!!

1)  Encourage high school students (grades 9-12) to apply to participate.  There is no fee to students or their parents to participate.  Application forms will go live soon and be due in December.  Each MUN ‘country delegation’ consists of two students and one adult advisor.  We in Eugene have chosen to specifically encourage AVID students (Advancement Via Individual Determination) but any student who applies will be considered.  We are aiming for 15 to 20 country ‘delegations’ of two students each) but may exceed that number if we have sufficient funding.

2)  Become a MUN advisor for a delegation.  We need 15-20 advisors (one per delegation).   Being a Rotarian is not a requirement. Last year all advisors but one were Rotarians from our Club or members of the UO Rotaract Club.  Spouses, partners and friends over the age of 18 with an interest are all welcome as advisors.  Advisors need to commit by December 15 as training will begin in January, and all advisors will undergo background checks (required by Rotary for protection of the youth we serve.)  Advisors work with their students for 1-2 hours per week from mid-January through mid-April (or as needed) and then participate in the MUN conference as part of their country’s delegation on April 18 and 19, 2020.

3)  Sponsor a delegation.  The cost of a delegation sponsorship (all hotel rooms, meals, materials for team of three) is $1,200.  Our Club has pledged $6,500 to the event.  Additionally, we are using our 2019-2020 District Grant of $2,000.  Also, four of our awesome Club members have each personally contributed the entire sponsorship for a delegation, adding $4,800.  The more money that we raise, the more teams we can sponsor.

4)  Observe the MUN as a guest.  Come to observe all or part of the speeches, debates and negotiations that are part of the MUN sessions.  You will be inspired by our MUN student delegates.

We are very close to having our Oregon Rotary Model United Nations FAQs finalized and an application form ready online.  Meanwhile, for inspiration and information, please go to  to view MUN 2019 pictures, two videos, two slide presentations and get inspired!