By DG Cindi O’Neil

Rotarians throughout the western US and in District 5110 are supporting the effort immunize our community members against COVID-19.  Traffic control at immunization clinics is underway in Illinois Valley thanks to the leadership of Cave Junction Club President Bruce Reece.  The Rotary Club of Eugene is rallying Rotarians of the Lane County area to volunteer.  Rotarian leaders Liz Ness and Pete Gribskov are offering opportunities that include processing paperwork, clerical work, answering calls, assisting with parking and crowd flow, and other duties.  Some jobs will be active, others not, such as staffing a registration table.  Contact Pete at 541-521-6761 or to sign up to help.  Coos Bay Rotarians are helping at vaccine registration desks and administering the vaccine!  Send us your projects and photos at

In southern California Rotarians numbering 200 have volunteered to direct traffic at vaccination clinics.  Other California Rotarian doctors have combined their efforts to hold monthly forums on the vaccination effort for the public. In northern California Assistant Governors are coordinating Rotary volunteers in their respective county areas. Other Rotarians are volunteering to help seniors navigate online registration for the vaccine.  Rotary is making history again during tough times.

Thank you to all of you stepping up to help support the COVID-19 vaccination efforts.  Please send me your COVID vaccine support project ideas.  Especially photos of Rotarians supporting this effort or receiving their vaccine would be appreciated. The District is purchasing branded safety vests should you need them.  Request yours by emailing me at