by Mary Hoskins

Rotarians responded enthusiastically and quickly to the announcement of eRyLA in District 5110 – we have increased the number of campers who can attend.  For information and inspiration, click on this website.

We’re bringing this interactive and field-tested event to area sophomores and juniors from April 28 – May 2, 2021. The itinerary will work with high school schedules, with evening hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, continuing to Saturday and Sunday.

As always, Rotary clubs will make the selections of the students they want to sponsor. Clubs can choose to reach out to specific candidates and/or interview potential participants via Zoom before referring them to the above website for an online application. Or – all interested students can apply, with the clubs making their selections from completed applications. Deadline for student applications is March 15 – clubs must make their final sponsorship decisions by March 24.

Once a student has been accepted and sponsored, after March 24, he or she will receive an Acceptance Letter. Bridget Markwood, our program director, will then set up video chats for small groups of parents. Shortly thereafter, all participants will receive “Retreat Crates” filled with RYLA-branded items, treats, and materials they will use for interactive games and challenges. They will be given a unique log-on for a customized website. They will each join 10-member small groups, facilitated by two leaders, where they will explore individual and team leadership skills.

Please feel free to contact District 5110 RYLA Camp Director, Mary Hoskins, with questions and ideas, at (541)531-8538 or   .