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Rotary membership is the fundamental core of Rotary. Each Rotarian’s membership in their club is their personal connection to service, fellowship, and fun. On a global scale, the benevolent work of 1.2 million Rotary members is a force of good on the face of the Earth that has never before even been dreamt of.

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Below, you’ll find lots of resources for a balanced Club Membership Program.

Membership Best Practices

There are three aspects of a balanced Club Membership Program. They are:

  1. Attraction – Being visible in the community, having a welcoming atmosphere, and attracting new members to the club.
  2. Assimilation – Integrating new members into the club, and providing the opportunity for them to identify their Rotary passion and become involved with it.
  3. Engagement – providing the opportunity for all club members to stay engaged in the activities, projects, and fellowship of the club; the keystone of Retention.

These are “Best Practices” from around our District and the Rotary World that our clubs can adopt to attract, assimilate, and engage our members.

Click on each category to access best practice documents and tool kits for each aspect.

Attraction Assimilation Engagement

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This newsletter is full of ideas that Rotarians can put into action to bring new members into their club, involve them in club activities, and keep them engaged as active Rotarians. Each quarter, the District Membership Committee will be issuing a Newsletter to help support clubs and encourage a vibrant membership in our District.

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