Media Resources

Public relations tools are found in the Brand Center on Rotary International’s website. The Brand Center offers a simple way to customize your club logo, create marketing materials, and give you access to downloadable public service announcements, videos and photos. It can help make your Rotary storytelling powerfully effective! P.S.  You must login to using your Rotary login to gain access to the Brand Center.

Five reasons you should use the Brand Center:

1. You can create your club and district logo.

2. You can develop professional-looking PowerPoint presentations, materials and press releases. Templates can be customized.

3. You can download public service announcements (listen to PSa in Media Resource box on this page), videos, and images to tell Rotary’s story.

4. You can find answers to frequently asked questions guidelines, fonts, etc.

5. You can upload and store the materials and logos for future use by creating a basket. You can use the Quick Share function to email your basket and share your new materials with members.

Media Resources
  • Rotary International District 5110 COVID Press Release

  • Rotary International District 5110 COVID Press Release Supplemental
  • Example of an internally hosted PDF 

Available Image Downloads