Social Distancing is tough when all you want to do is go change the world and support your community!  But nothing can stop the Hidden Valley High School (HVHS) Interact club. The club continues to meet every first and third Thursday via zoom.

The HVHS Interact club has raised over $2000 to support the Hidden Valley High School Family Advocacy program.  The program’s mission is to ensure students facing barriers to academic success, such as poverty, have access to basic items including food, hygiene products, school supplies, and clothing.

Leah Beachy and Jasmine Williams wrote a grant requesting $1000 to First Interstate Bank, for funds toward helping HVHS students who are in need.  To make these funds go even further, the club partnered with a local non-profit, Our Foster Kids to purchase backpacks containing a majority of the items needed.  Partnering with this program allowed a deeper discount per backpack, making this partnership a win for both groups.  This was a great example to our young club members of how combining efforts can make a huge difference in accomplishing and even exceeding set goals.

Natasha Harmon and Kali Vidlak wrote a grant to Evergreen Federal Bank requesting funds to support additional needs of the Family Advocacy program.  Evergreen awarded the club $1,500 and these funds have been used to add food and other items to the backpacks which continue to go out to students through deliveries made by school staff.  These supplies have made a huge impact on HVHS students during the pandemic.

Daniel Beachy submitted a Grants Pass Rotary Community grant request for the purchase of an air track system to be used by the science programs at HVHS.  Fingers crossed!

The students continue to be involved with the Thirst project which has been hosting “study hall” two times per week to get students meeting together digitally.  Study hall is a space where students can connect with one another, be inspired by stories and things they hear, while also learning new skills and tactics to take back to their schools, clubs, and communities to continue to change the world.  Topics covered have included, the power of youth, online fundraising and how to take action while stuck at home.

Our very own club member, Ryan Wilson plans to participate, virtually, in the Four Way Speech event this year.  He provided the club with a little practice run of his speech over zoom and we are proud of the work he has done!  GO RYAN!

Overall Gabrielle DeMatteo and I continue to be amazed by the dedication our kids have shown in continuing to do good works through the adversity currently facing our community and nation as a whole.