By DG Cindi O’Neil

Each year we select and train a new President to lead our Rotary Clubs.   Every President Elect (PE) has a different level of comprehension of the vast array of Rotary programs and duties.  This May 15, DGE Gerry Kosanovic and District Trainer Paul Nicholson are offering a diverse set of classes for club leaders and members.  DON’T MISS THIS GREAT TRAINING OPPORTUNITY!

Here is the hard part: every new President has different experiences from which to draw for public speaking, organization, budgeting, grants management, youth services, managing volunteers, and public relations.  So, it is incumbent upon Rotary Club Presidents, Board Members, and Club Committee Chairs to offer assistance in the transition from one Rotary year to the next.

How nice would it feel to have the Rotary Foundation Chair in the Club ask the incoming President and the outgoing President to meet together and discuss next year’s Rotary Foundation giving goals? Or the Club Treasurer to offer to discuss next year’s club operating budget with the PE?  Or for the Club Board to offer a time to vision and set goals for the coming year together?  It would feel great right?  You would feel supported by your club members and welcomed into the leadership of your Rotary Club.

There is no question that PE’s have been watching how their Club has operated this year, how things have changed due to meeting restrictions around COVID-19, and that fellowship has been our weak link for many Clubs.  So, Club leaders, committee chairs, officers and members, reach out to your incoming President and ask how you can help transition for the coming new Rotary year.  Imagine how you would feel to be supported in this way.  Thanks for passing the baton with grace.  –DG Cindi O’Neil