One of The Rotary Foundation programs that is popular in our district is called Global Grant Scholars. It replaced the Ambassadorial Scholarship program about eight years ago. This year’s recipient for District 5110, Najibullah Loodin, and next year’s scholar are part of the Water Cooperation and Diplomacy program, which is focused on increasing cooperation between potentially volatile countries in the Aral Sea region of Central Asia.

The program consists of studying with cohorts at three universities. In normal times, the scholar’s study at UPeace in Costa Rica, then move to IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands with studies the last semester at OSU in Oregon. Due to the Corona virus the cohorts had to stay in the Netherlands to finish their studies.

Loodin has been working on a Master’s Degree – all distance learning this last semester. Quite the project with the Virus around. However, I am pleased to announce that on March 25, 2021, Loodin passed his thesis defense for his Master’s Degree. Loodin is really a remarkable young man and I believe he will make a difference in the water
issues in Central Asia. I have attached a presentation that he recently gave about the Helmut River Basin.