District Membership Committee

The District Membership Committee:

  • Promotes membership growth and empowers club leaders to shape and retain a quality membership with practical and customized support. We work to help identify ways to expand our attraction to mimic the culture and diversity of our community.
  • Creates membership outreach programs for creating new, focused-based clubs.
  • Develops online virtual training and support references for clubs and members to utilize.
  • Helps strengthen membership-related programs to clubs
  • Generates collaborative and open platform discussions for enhancing our members’ experience.
  • Coordinates local club resources and educational opportunities to grow Rotary.


By attracting new members and keeping existing members, we strengthen the clubs of tomorrow. Your committee identifies strategies that will grow membership and promotes them to district clubs. Together we…

  • Conduct district membership sessions in coordination with the governor-elect and district trainer.
  • Identify and assist struggling clubs in coordination with assistant governors.
  • Coordinate activities with the public image committee in support of club membership efforts.
  • Support clubs in engaging members to serve their communities more effectively.
  • Encourage clubs to attract qualified professionals who can bring different perspectives and skills to meet local needs.
  • Create a greater emphasis on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our Membership Programs and messaging.

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Note: All Club Membership Chairs are also included in the District Membership Committee.

District Membership, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Chair Kacie Böhme
District Membership Chair Richard K Olson
President R.K.Olson & Assoc.- National Trade Association Contact Richard K Olson.
District Membership Club Resource Committee Chair Christine Waugh
Owner and Business Consultant Business Consultant Contact Christine Waugh.
District Membership New Club Development Committe Chair Lee Eckroth
Realtor / Broker Real Estate / Residential Contact Lee Eckroth.
Membership Leads Coordinator Michele Kellison
Partner / Owner CPA / Tax Planning Contact Michele Kellison.
Member Michelle L Corradetti
First VP - Wealth Mgmt Financial Planning Contact Michelle L Corradetti.
Member Emily Francona
Principal Military - US Air Force (retired) Contact Emily Francona.
Member Jean Hamilton
Owner - Hair Salon Retired Contact Jean Hamilton.
Member David A. Bassett
Professional Engineer Contact David A. Bassett.
Member Aimee Renee Walsh
Chief Executive Officer Non Profit Contact Aimee Renee Walsh.
Member Gwen D. DeBernardi