District Foundation Committee

District Rotary Foundation committees and subcommittees help educate, motivate, and inspire Rotarians to participate in Foundation programs and fundraising activities. District leaders should encourage all Rotarians to participate in the district Rotary Foundation seminar.

District Governor Cynthia O'Neil
Vice President Home Builder Contact Cynthia O'Neil.
Executive Assistant Governor Michele Kellison
Partner / Owner CPA / Tax Planning Contact Michele Kellison.
District Rotary Foundation Committee (DRFC) Chair Tim Mobley
Administration - Education (Ret) Contact Tim Mobley.
Grants -Sub Committee Chair LeAnn M. Mobley
Healthcare Administration 22-01 Administrator - Health Care Contact LeAnn M. Mobley.
Fund Development Chair David J. Reece
President Consulting Engineer Contact David J. Reece.
Global Grants Committee Chair Ralph Warren Christensen
District Grants Committee Chair Kathy Poole
Assistant Vice Provost for International Affairs Contact Kathy Poole.
Endowment Chair Steven A. Matthes
Director Musician Contact Steven A. Matthes.
Peace Fellowship Chair Charles L. Root
Public Utilities Contact Charles L. Root.
Paul Harris Society Chair Robert Wirsing
Construction Management Contact Robert Wirsing.
Polio Chair Nelson R. Maler
First Vice President & Certified Financial Planner Financial Services Contact Nelson R. Maler.
Scholarship Chair Tommi A. Drake
Grants Treasurer Thomas F Carter
Pensions Consulting Contact Thomas F Carter.