Coincidentally a Rotarian in California has stepped up with the blessing of RI and created a website to train Rotarians how to be medical assistants to do exactly what you are suggesting.  Click on this website.   After the online training you are a Certified Nursing Assistant, CNA.  I believe the training is 30 hours, consolidated just last week by experts in the medical field. Then Rotarians will be connected to work assignments through participating medical partners in contact tracing or other COVID related phone interviews.  Anyone can participate and it is free. Very cool eh?  Folks can start the training any time.

We are in receipt of a $25,000 Disaster Relief Grant for food and sanitation supplies in District 5110.  President Steve knows we are about ready to implement the distribution of food and sanitation supplies to the homeless and home-bound in Central Oregon the week of May4-9.  The AG Team is determining how Rotarians can safely participate in the distribution of the food through Family Access Network in 6 of our communities: Bend, LaPine, Redmond, Madras, Sisters and Prineville.  We are naming the project #RotaryResponds to be consistent with the # that RI has started on Twitter.  Anyway, getting folks to volunteer from our Club the week of May 4-9 would be awesome.  I hope we can annouce the exact details at this weeks meeting.