Rotary is about finding the passions in our hearts that will lead us to greater community service, build stronger leaders and connecting us as family and friends. With the Holiday Season coming upon us, it is a time to reflect upon the good work we do as individuals and as Rotarians in growing our Rotary family.

Our clubs do incredible service and humanitarian efforts in our communities that are defined through our club hearts and passions. These club communities range from our backyard to all points around the globe, for each club is on its own journey. Our desire to help others less fortunate or to inspire others to greater role

s is the core of our Rotary’s success. Our Rotary family continues to expand, and our passions are alive with new possibilities for where we can inspire ourselves, our clubs and the communities we live in.

As I have travelled to visits our clubs, I am so encouraged by the new positive energy and reception to re-think and expand our future possibilities that will help transform Rotary into the next generation. Our members are starting to ask what our passions of the heart are and how can we meet them going forward. It is changing the way we treat each other and how we sell Rotary to the those around us. We can make new dreams and possibilities come true for those

that come into our door and family of Rotary. We can connect passions with Rotarians and provide funding from one of the most powerful foundations in the world, The Rotary Foundation. That is the magic of Rotary. That is what makes us the most powerful philanthropic organization in the world, because we give and take action from our hearts and passions.

Our Rotary foundation is our cornerstone of making passions and dreams of others come alive. As Rotarians we all want to give, but often lack an understanding of what we are giving to. In 2009 Rotary International President Rick King said for each $1,000 donation to the Rotary Foundation, we will save four livesHow inspirational and how simple. To help make the dreams and passions of others, can each of us consider just saving one life this year by joining me with a minimum contribution of $250 to TRF. It would make such a difference in the world, and to those who so desperately need our help.

Holidays are about family and friends coming together to enjoy the love, fellowship and great blessings we all have achieved. On behalf of your D5110 Rotary leadership, we wish to extend our sincere best wishes to each of you and your families for a Happy Holiday season.

Happy Holidays!
DG Rick Olson