By Claudette McWilliams

Any resolution to come before the District at the District Conference must be distributed to all member clubs of the District by the District Resolution Committee at least one month prior to the District Conference. To disseminate any resolutions as required, the resolution committee must receive the proposed resolutions at least 45 days prior to the District Conference so the resolution can be reviewed by the committee to ensure it complies with the Constitution and By-laws of Rotary International and District policies.

To be eligible for consideration under Article II §2 of the District 5110 Policy Manual, the resolution must be submitted to the District Governor before March 16, 2021. Any submitted resolution will be distributed to the District Resolutions Committee by March 21, 2021. By March 31, 2021, any submitted resolutions will be disseminated to club presidents, past district governors, and members of the DG team.

Proposed resolutions should also be sent to PDG Claudette Mirassou McWilliams. Please contact PDG Claudette with your questions or comments regarding the resolution process.

March 16:      Proposed resolutions submitted to District Governor
March 21       Proposed resolutions to Resolutions Committee
March 31       Proposed resolutions to club presidents and past and future district governors