As DG Rick Olson visits our clubs, he is often asked to comment on the relevance of the District to the club.

The District’s primary mission is growing Rotary by supporting and strengthening our clubs. Each of our clubs is on their own Rotary journey and will have different and unique needs for support. Your District Leadership Team has Rotarian mentors from our clubs that have passions, skills and resources they have offered to provide to your club’s leadership.

We ask each club to consider their needs by conducting a club assessment to determine which areas of focus they might need. We have teams in Leadership, Governance, Membership, Public Image, Visioning, The Rotary Foundation/Grants and our Youth programs available for working with your clubs and your leadership.

These volunteer mentors continue to be active members in their clubs and have come forward to offer additional service to Rotary at the District level in their areas of passion. If you have a passion and would like to be a mentor on our District Leadership team, please us know. Email