By Richard K Olson

“I heard your talk on saving a life. How does that really work? I wish to help save a life.”

During my club visits I relate to the speech of Past Rotary International President Rick King, who said for every $1,000 donated to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) we save four lives. His message connects emotionally to all of us as a way to understand the good that we do.

By making a $250 donation to the Rotary Foundation this year, you will help save one life through the great work of the foundation. Our Rotary Foundation supports your projects and passions in our local communities, the district and around the globe through Rotary Grants that highlight our six areas of focus. Each year our District Foundation Grants Committee solicits proposals that you as members have brought forward via your clubs. Our generous donations from Rotarians like you have allowed us to meet the requests of all the grant proposals submitted by our clubs this year. Our impact in our local communities has helped create human resources, lifesaving programs for those in need and community basic improvements such as parks, literacy and medical needs. We have become the connection for our communities to provide the assistance they need to those that have misfortune.

Make this the day, that you will find your heart and save at least one life. Write your check to the Rotary Foundation and give it to your Club Foundation chair. Better yet, sign up online for Rotary TRF Direct and keep saving lives moving forward.