Rotary undertakes a huge variety of projects, and in all of them, a key focus is sustainability. We want the community in which the project is undertaken to be able to continue to receive the benefit of our work for the foreseeable future. In almost all of our projects, we take something into the community, whether it be a new well, a renovated school, vaccinations, microloans, electric ambulances, medical supplies….but in a handful of projects, we help to train people to take knowledge and skills back into their communities.

Some of that training comes about because we take experts to the communities, and train on site. On the other hand, some training happens because we bring community members to the U.S. for training that they can then take back to their communities. Training community members has huge implications in that the skills learned can be transferred to others in that community, and even to other communities. This “train the trainers” concept is the way Rotary can exponentially increase our impact.

Want to know more? Join us for a lively exploration with leaders of two very different projects that provide highly desired training, both here and overseas: Past District Governor Chuck Root of RC Medford and Susan Sygall of RC Eugene. Understand how to imbed sustainability into your club’s next project.

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