A Fun Way to Experience the International Part of Rotary

The Rotary Friendship Exchange program gives Rotarians and their families the opportunity to host and visit Rotarians around the world. In addition to experiencing other cultures and making lasting friendships, an exchange provides a strong foundation for carrying out other international activities and service projects.

The primary goal of a Friendship Exchange is to build greater international understanding and goodwill among Rotarians and their families. In addition, exchange participants can:

  • Learn how their vocations are practiced in other parts of the world
  • Observe new customs and cultures
  • Promote an appreciation of cultural diversity worldwide


Rotary Friendship Exchange Topics

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Upcoming Exchanges


Pennsylvania  District 7450 Mid Atlantic Near Philadelphia
Nova Scotia/Newfoundland District 7820 Plus Saint Pierre and Miquelon, France
Philippines District 3850 Mindanao Occidental, Misamis and Negros Occidental
July 26 – August 6 Inbound team from Pennsylvania
August 16-31 Inbound team from Philippines
August 8 – 24 Outbound team to Nova Scotia/Newfoundland
September 10-26 Inbound team from Nova Scotia
October 15-26 Outbound team to Pennsylvania


March 1-12 Outbound team to Philippines
April 15-29 Outbound team to Southern Louisianna
July 10-24 Incoming team from Southern Louisianna
October 1-15 Outbound team to South Africa v


Exchange Guidelines

District 5110 Rotary Friendship Exchange Guidelines

The purpose of this document is threefold: (1) to guide the District 5110 Rotary Friendship
Exchange Committee in the selection of outbound teams, (2) to prepare them for travel, and
(3) to provide basic information to inbound RFE teams. It will be reviewed at least every two
The goals of Rotary Friendship Exchanges are to experience how Rotary operates in different
countries and other parts of the United States, to share service opportunities, to build
understanding of different cultures and customs, and to build good will between Rotary
Districts. These guidelines were created with these goals in mind. First and foremost, please
be aware that a RFE trip in not a vacation experience. Second, District 5110 team members
are ambassadors for our District in the world. To this end, all team members must be
prepared to see and participate in Rotary projects and attend Rotary meetings as team
1. Inbound teams will usually spend 15 days in District 5110. Teams will normally spend
five days in three different areas of the district, with travel between areas occurring on
the fifth day. This schedule allows visitors to get to know their hosts and the part of the
district in which they are visiting.
2. Host areas will assist in the transportation of an inbound team from one area to the
next. This will be organized by the team leaders in each host area.
3. District 5110 will host teams of eight to ten individuals (using no more than six beds)
and send outbound teams using this same model.
4. We include a short service project as part of each exchange.

1. Outbound teams can consist of:
 Rotarian couples,
 single Rotarians,
 Rotarians with a spouse or significant other,
 Rotarians with an adult child, or
 Rotarians with a parent or adult sibling.

2. The District 5110 RFE Committee is primarily self-funded. To cover expenses
associated with its operation and help defray some of the costs for hosting inbound
teams, the Committee collects fees from all outbound team members. These fees are
set on an annual basis and are non-refundable. In addition to these fees, outbound
team members are responsible for
 Passport and Visa,
 airfare and related travel costs,
 gift for each host,
 some restaurant meals, and
 other incidental costs, such as admission fees, sightseeing excursions, etc.
 accommodations outside host family home stays

Team members often contribute a set amount to a team treasury to cover these latter
3. The team may participate in a half-to-full day service project selected by the host
district. Each team member will also make a financial contribution to an identified
project during the exchange. The team will decide which project and the amount of
each individual contribution. (Suggested amount is $50 per team member.)
4. By no later than ONE month prior to an exchange, each team member should have a
passport and necessary visas and immunizations, round trip tickets for travel, and
travel insurance. Two months are preferred. This is to allow alternates to go if one or
more individuals selected for the team cannot go.
5. The team leader will be selected by the District 5110 RFE Chair. The team treasurer
will be selected by the team or leader prior to departure of the team.
Contact Camille Ronzio or Ted Stevens, 2018-19 District 5110 RFE Co-Chairs at
ajronzio@comcast.net or tedstevens520@gmail.com.


Selection Criteria

RFE Criteria for evaluating outbound applications

Rotary Friendship Exchange teams (RFE) are usually composed of 8 to 10 people, can
be singles or couples (where one or both are Rotarians).
1. Three to four people can be new to outbound RFE trips and three to four should have
made an RFE trip before and willing to act as team leaders, treasurers, service project
organizers, etc.
2. For the others, preferential experience in order of importance:
1. Host for an inbound RFE team in the past two years,
2. Hosted other RFE inbound team members in prior years,
3. Been an outbound RFE team member in prior years,
4. Hosted GSE, student exchange, or visitors traveling the RI Travel
5. Be an active Rotarian with club / district leadership experience (can be
committee chair, board member, president, etc.) with an interest in travel
and the RFE program,
6. Be a Paul Harris Fellow.

3. All team members must be physically capable of two weeks of intensive touring and
travel while always representing your Rotary Club, District 5110, and Rotary through the
Rotary Friendship Exchange program.
4. Team members should be comfortable and considerate in sharing a fellow Rotarian's
home and hospitality. Be flexible about travel itinerary within the country. Plans often
have to change for a variety of reasons and flexibility is essential.


District 5110 Rotary Friendship Exchange Committee


Camille Ronzio – Chair
Contact Camille


Ted Stevens

DonADon Arkell


Lew Marks


Susie Hanner

Michael Sheets

Al Solomon

Chandra LeHusen

Cathy Martz

Glen Martz

Bettina Hannigan

Marla Kasdorf