One of our District’s most anticipated and rewarding events is the annual 4-Way Test Speech Contest. This year a record twenty-nine (29) Rotary Clubs registered intent to hold a 4-Way Test Speech Contest with the active participation of local high school students.  Several clubs were able to conduct a meeting event, but the majority of clubs could not host a contest because of social distancing brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic.  With so many clubs engaged in their communities with this experience, District Governor Rick Olson and the 5110 Leadership Team came up with an alternative plan to recognize and reward the participating students. The idea of a “Digital Speech Event” was advanced, allowing students to post their speech on YouTube for all to enjoy.

These speeches serve as great examples of the talent and confidence exhibited by the students.  Each student is to be congratulated for a job well done.  Rotarians are encouraged to leave comments for the students to read. Club Presidents, when you hold your club’s Zoom meeting, consider using one of the speeches as an inspiration to begin your meeting, or use more than one as the main presentations, or use one to close your meeting.  All speeches have met the requirement for length – between five and seven minutes.  Your club members will be delighted to hear the perspectives of the high school students as they apply the Rotary 4-Way Test to a topic of their choice. Below are all the speeches. You can listen by clicking onto the title. Thank you to all who participated.

 Representing the Rotary Club of Newport:   

Representing the Rotary Club of Port Orford: 

Representing the Rotary Club of Fern Ridge (Veneta)

Rotary Club of Greater Albany:   

Rotary Club of Medford

Rotary Club of Ashland : 

Rotary Club of Greater Corvallis

Rotary Club of Sweet Home

Rotary Club of Rogue Gateway

Rotary Club of Illinois Valley