From Rae LaMarche

(*Covid-19 caveat: Although we will continue to plan for this adventure, should travel not be possible due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the trip will be postponed one year. We request your patience and understanding.)

District 5110 is proud to announce a Group Cultural Exchange (formerly Group Study Exchange) with District 9400 in Africa. A team of 3-4 team members plus a team leader will travel to District 9400 in April 2021, just in time to celebrate their district’s 100th Anniversary. Both teams will return to Oregon together and attend our District Conference. Each team will spend 3-4 weeks abroad and each team member’s cost is $700 to help defray training and materials expenses.  Application materials and fact sheets are available on DACdb under District Files, Group Study exchange or click here:

Here is more information about the program. It focuses on two main elements, as follows:

Vocational (50%+)

  • Opportunity for team members to observe vocations as practiced in another country
  • Ability to ask questions, share ideas, and develop professionally
  • Exchange of potential project opportunities

And Cultural:

  • Participants study another country, its people, language, and institutions through experiences in an organized and safe program
  • Develop appreciation for diversity worldwide
  • Meet and communicate with host families, and live with each other in the spirit of friendship and goodwill

Team MEMBER Requirements

  • Be currently employed for at least two years in any recognized business or profession on a full-time basis
  • Be 25 to 45 years of age
  • Must work or live in Rotary District 5110
  • Must be a citizen of the US
  • Language training recommended, but not required
  • Can be either Rotarian or non-Rotarian

Team LEADER Requirements

  • Active Rotarian in one of District’s 5110’s amazing clubs
  • Good physical health
  • International travel experience
  • Well organized and ability to be flexible if changes arise
  • No age requirement
  • Desire to work with fabulous young adults
  • Can NOT have been a prior team leader


District 5110 does an amazing job of providing for our Group Cultural Exchange program, providing the most economical round-trip ticket between the home and host country, while generous Rotarians in the host area provide meals, lodging, entrance fees, and group travel in their district. Team members are responsible for all personal and incidental expenses incurred (including gas to team meetings, purchase of host family gifts), during (souvenirs), before and after the study tour. A $700 participation fee is required of all team members. (There is no fee for the team leader.) Applications for both team member and team leader are available now via the link below, and are DUE OCTOBER 15, 2020.  For questions regarding GCE, contact GCE Chair Rae LaMarche,