Group Study Exchange (GSE)

We’re Looking for Team Members & Team Leaders!

Applications Due: October 14th, 2016

Interviews: Sunday October 22nd, 2016

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District 5110 is sending an outbound team comprised of one (1) team leader and four (4) team members departing April 29, 2017 to District 4920 in Argentina, returning to Oregon May 22, 2017.  Each team member will be expected to pay $700.00 to defray expenses prior to departure date.  The team will meet for training approximately 5 times prior to departure.

Cities in District 4920 that will potentially be visited (finalized one month from departure): Santa Rosa, Trenque Lauquen, Pehuajo, Mar del Plata, and Necochea could be in the itinerary.  Your Team shall do a vocational day in any city and will visit cultural and historical places.  Special tour through Buenos Aires (Recoleta Cemetery, Plaza de Mayo Square, Parliament Square and others places).  Finally, District 4920 District Conference will be in Tandil, and the GSE group will share a special dinner local Rotarians and their spouses.

The Group Study Exchange (GSE) program is a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for men and women in their initial years of professional life.  GSE participants follow an extensive and rigorous program of international travel and team activities that allow participants to fully immerse in local culture.  Rotary districts in different countries are paired to send and receive professional study groups of four to six team members and one Rotarian team leader to travel for four to six weeks, staying in the homes of Rotarians.

Launched in 1965, this dynamic program has built a successful track record at the personal, community, and international level.  With good planning, a goal-driven itinerary, and active participation of dedicated Rotarians, a Group Study Exchange can be an exceptional educational experience for both the visiting GSE team and Rotarians in the host country.

The program focuses on two main elements in addition to gaining international travel experience:


  • Opportunity for team members to observe vocations as practiced in another country
  •  Ability to ask questions, share ideas and develop professionally


  • Participants study another country, its people, language, and institutions through experiences in an organized and safe program
  •  Develop appreciation for diversity worldwide
  •  Meet and communicate with at least five host families, and live with each other in a spirit of friendship and goodwill

Team MEMBER Requirements

  • Be currently employed for at least two years in any recognized business or profession on a full time basis
  • Be 25 to 40 years of age
  • Must work or live in Rotary District 5110
  • Must be US citizens
  • No language training required
  • Either a non-Rotarian or Rotarian

Team LEADER Requirements

  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Active Rotarian in one of District 5110’s amazing clubs
  • Good physical health
  • International travel experience
  • Well organized and ability to be flexible if changes arise
  • No age requirement


District 5110 does an amazing job providing for our Group Study Exchange program.  This is a priceless experience for Teams.  For each team member, District 5110 provides the most economical round-trip ticket between the home and host country, while generous local Rotarians in the host area provide meals, lodging, entrance fees, and group travel in their district.  Team members are responsible for all personal and incidental expenses incurred before (including gas to team meetings, purchase of host family gifts), during (souvenirs) and after the study tour.

For Questions regarding GSE, contact GSE Co-Chair Jill Trekell at