GRANTS 2017-18

Rotary Foundation grants support Rotarians and Rotary clubs in their educational and humanitarian efforts both locally and around the world.


District Grants may be used for local community or international projects. They are intended for smaller projects; completion within eighteen months and do not require an international partner, but still require active Rotarian involvement. adhere to the eligibility requirements set forth in the terms and conditions for Rotary Foundation grants. are not required to support the areas of focus. Grants may be used for:

  • Humanitarian projects, including service travel and disaster recovery efforts,
  • Scholarships for any level, length of time, place, or area of study.
  • Vocational training of any team size or time span.



Step 1. By June 1st , 2017 a club must propose a project by initiating a DRAFT District Grant Project in DaCdb.  Complete the Project Proposal and Application Steps  sections in the grants module for a new project.

Note: The club president for the grant year must have attended the Grant session at Pre-PETS or attend the Grant Management Seminars are usually held after the July and March quarterly grants meetings.  If multiple clubs are partnering, the president for each club must fulfill this requirement

Step2. After July 1st but no later than October 15th

Complete the 2017-18 District Grant Process

Global Grants

Global grants support large, multi-year international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in one or more of the six Areas of Focus and must have minimum budget of $30,000.


Step 1. At least 10 days prior to a quarterly Grants Meeting complete and send “Global Grant DDF Proposal” form  to Global Grants Chair Steve Marks at  The 2016-17 Grant Meeting dates are July 9th, October 1st, January 14th, and March 25th.

Note: The club president for the grant year must have attended the Grant session at Pre-PETS OR must attend the Grant Management Seminar held for grant year 2016-17 on March 5th or July 9th. In addition, one other club member must attend one of these two Grant Management seminars.
A total of two (2) people are required to attend a Global Grant session each year. 

Step 2. Complete the Global Grant Application Process

Step 3. Complete TRF Application Process