‘Tis the Season

As we approach the season of Giving and Thanks let us take the time to be thankful for wonderful gifts of friendship. Rotarians are some of the most giving people on earth and for this they are rewarded with enriched lives and great friends.

When we give we are actually contributing to our own well-being. The endorphins released through our random and intentional acts of kindness are of great benefit to our overall health and longevity.

Give often and give to the right causes. Our Rotary Foundation is one of the top 5 foundations in the world and has been consistently given a perfect score by Charity Navigator. Please consider your gift as an investment into the building of a better world. Our projects throughout the globe offer hope and real solutions to those less fortunate. Want to find the right project, just reach out and listen. The connections through Rotary will offer you a place to lend your ears and your hands.

Give thanks to the many accomplishments of our great organization and remember this is the Season and always the Season of Rotary.

Team up with Rotarians and help make change in your world!  You’ll never be the same!

—DG Dave


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Rick Olson of the RC of Eugene has been nominated and accepted as District Governor for the Rotary Year 2019-20
Congratulations, Rick!


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  • Rotary Leadership Institute
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    -Session 3 – December 17 in Medford
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